Product Description

As Bianco Machine, we design and manufacture your toilet paper and kitchen napkin machines in line with your needs. We deliver your machine production line ready.

This machine consists of Bandsaw, Logsaw, Accumulator, Lamination, Embossing machines. And it is a completely ready machine line for your production.

Technical Specification

Machine Width Max 1350 – Max 2800 mm
Machine Speed Max 200mt/min
Maximum Rewinding Diameter Min 90 – Max 300 mm
Embossing Station Point to Point veya DESL
Perforation Control Servo Control
Rewinding Station Auto
Tail Sealing Auto
Number of Ply 1-4
Embossing, Laöination, Marrying Roller Pneumatic or Hydraulic
Accumulator Log Supply Auto
Logsaw Log Supply Auto